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Hello World!

My name is Tony Sax and I'm a 20 year old student studying computer science at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. This is my about page.

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I graduated from Oakville High School in 2015, and am currently attending the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, MO. There, I am studying in order to obtain a B.S. in computer science. I am also currently in my 2nd year.

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Work Experience

I've worked two jobs. The first was at Nottelmann's Music Co. from December of 2013 up until August of 2015. My second job was at Dad and Lad Lawncare from May of 2016 through July 2016.

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Place I've Visited

My family has taken a lot of vacations!

These are some of my favorite locations.

  1. Glacier National Park
  2. Yosemite National Park
  3. Yellowstone National Park
  4. Arches National Park
  5. Saguaro National Park
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Wow! Look at all these hobbies!


I've been playing piano since I was 8 years old. I took lessons for 6 years and stopped upon starting high school.

Some of my favorite songs to play are Rather Be by Clean Bandit, Don't Stop Me Now by Queen, and Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin.


I ran cross country and track in both middle school and high school. My best 5k time is 18:47.

The best thing cross country did for me was instill an enjoyment in an activity I still do today.

I have never run a marathon, but maybe I'll do that someday.

Amateur Photography

One of my biggest interests is in making Timelapses. Taking cool pictures is just a byproduct of that art.

I've currently made 2 timelapses of what I see outside my dorm windows and I'm always working on a "selfie" timelapse. These can be seen on my instagram and youtube channel.



I've played a lot of games. Here are some of the games I've played recently.

  • League of Legends
  • Pokemon
  • Civilization 5
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This is my family!

From left to right is my brother, my dad, me, my mother, and my sister.

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Other Cool Things

There are so many cool things about me I don't know what to put here!

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